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Welcome to our blog. We’ve compiled a number of our thoughts here to help you navigate the world of telecom and to understand how we’ve approached supporting our customers and clients.

At Fidalia, we pride ourselves in our ability to create bespoke solutions to help our clients achieve the greatness they envision with their network and systems.

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GPON vs DIA: Which Fibre is right for you?

GPON vs DIA: Which Fibre is right for you?

Understanding the Difference between DIA and GPON Fibre Late in 2023, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) announced that 3rd-Party Internet Service Providers would gain access to the fibre networks of incumbent Last fall, In a...

Internet Speedtest: Where to Test Your Bandwidth

Internet Speedtest: Where to Test Your Bandwidth

Introduction Understanding your internet speed is crucial whether you're gaming, streaming, or managing a remote workforce. This guide explores the top tools for testing your internet speed and how to ensure you're getting the service you pay for. Why Test Your...

SD-WAN for WFH: Affordable peace of mind.

SD-WAN for WFH: Affordable peace of mind.

As businesses continue to expand their operations, distributed workforces have become increasingly common. While there's a big push to get employees back into the office, many organizations are eschewing brick-and-mortar and opting to find ways to enhance employee...

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Tailored solutions to meet your unique needs

At Fidalia Networks, we recognize that every business is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and develop customized solutions that deliver results. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with personalized support, enables us to deliver business communication solutions that empower your business growth.

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Streamlined pricing with cost savings

Our comprehensive solutions provide cost-effective pricing options, saving you up to 30% or more compared to multiple vendors. With Fidalia Networks, there’s no need for separate products or multiple vendors, resulting in dramatically reduced costs for your business.

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Easy setup and use

Our onboarding specialists ensure a seamless installation process that takes only minutes, not days. Preconfigured phones quickly connect to your existing internet service, allowing you to get up and running with minimal effort.

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