For self-employed individuals and sole proprietors, communication with clients is essential. However, traditional phone systems can be quite expensive and inconvenient. Luckily, with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), phone systems have become much more cost-effective and efficient. In this blog post, we will explore why self-employed individuals should consider a VoIP phone system, and how Fidalia’s David Phone System can help small businesses with their communication needs.

Cost-effective solution

One of the most significant advantages of a VoIP phone system for self-employed individuals is the cost-effectiveness. Traditional phone systems often require expensive hardware installations and charge high fees for long-distance calls. In contrast, a VoIP phone system relies on internet connectivity, which most self-employed individuals already have. VoIP phone systems also offer a variety of plans and features, making it easy for small business owners to find a solution that fits their budget and communication needs.

Professional image

Another benefit of a VoIP phone system is that it can help self-employed individuals project a professional image to their clients. With a VoIP phone system, you can have extensions for different departments or employees, even if you’re a one-person operation. This feature makes it easier for clients to reach the right person quickly, leading to better customer satisfaction. You can also set up voicemail boxes for each extension, ensuring that your clients can leave a message even if you’re unavailable. No more calling from your cellphone number – give off the image you want with an affordable VoIP system.

Flexible and scalable

VoIP phone systems are flexible and scalable, making them an excellent option for self-employed individuals. If your business grows, you can easily add more extensions or phone lines to your system. Likewise, if you need to reduce your phone lines, it’s a simple process to do so. You can also access your VoIP phone system from anywhere, making it easy to stay in touch with clients and employees, even if you’re working remotely.

Fidalia’s Solo-preneur Phone System

Fidalia’s Solo-Preneur Phone System is an excellent VoIP phone system for small businesses that need only a single Direct Inward Dialer number, a handful of extensions, and an android or iOS client. This service includes call routing, voicemail, voicemail-to-email transcription, website-chat widget* (WordPress only), and integrations into Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The system is designed for small businesses punching above their weight – like David vs Goliath.

Call routing

With Fidalia’s David Phone System, you can easily route calls to different extensions or voicemail boxes. This feature ensures that your clients can reach you or the right employee quickly and efficiently. You can also set up call forwarding, which allows you to receive calls on your mobile device when you’re away from the office.


The Solo-Preneur Phone System includes voicemail for each extension, ensuring that your clients can leave a message even if you’re unavailable. You can also receive voicemail-to-email transcriptions, which makes it easy to keep track of messages.

Website-chat widget

The Solo-Preneur Phone System also includes a website-chat widget (WordPress only), which allows you to chat with clients who visit your website. This feature is a great way to engage with your clients and answer their questions in real-time.


The Solo-Preneur Phone System also integrates with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, making it easy to communicate with clients who prefer to use these platforms.

Fidalia Networks’ Solo-Preneur Phone System is a great choice for self-employed individuals and sole proprietors looking to enhance their communication capabilities and project a professional image to their clients. The affordability and flexibility of VoIP make it an ideal solution for those who want to improve their business communication without breaking the bank.

With Fidalia’s Solo-Preneur Phone System, small businesses can enjoy a range of features including call routing, voicemail, voicemail-to-email transcription, website-chat widget, and integrations into popular messaging apps. So why not consider a VoIP phone system today and take your business communication to the next level?