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Instant Failover: Seamless transition to backup internet during outages.

Data Protection: Safeguard your critical data with redundancy.

Uninterrupted Productivity: Keep your operations running smoothly.

Our experts can architect the perfect network for your business.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, internet outages can bring operations to a grinding halt, causing frustration and financial losses.

Imagine the chaos of a critical video conference suddenly disrupted or vital data lost during an outage. Downtime during essential tasks and the risk of disconnection from clients and partners can jeopardize your reputation.

Fidalia SD-WAN and SD-Branch

Our Backup Internet solution offers a robust answer to these challenges.

Internet outages costing you money?

Too reliant on a single network connection?

Is your business prepared for the Cloud?

Our Backup Internet solution keeps you always-online

Maintain Productivity

Maintain access to cloud and on-premise workloads and services.

Network Peace of Mind

Let the network self-heal and manage traffic priorities

Data-Driven Decision Making

Maintain access to cloud and on-premise workloads and services.

Sub-second Failover

Switch to your backup Internet instantly! Never drop a VoIP call, Video Conference or Payment Transaction

Persistent IP Address

Keep never lose those session persistent connections.  Stay connected to your SSH, SFTP or Payment gateways during a failover by never switching to a new IP Address.

Automatic Network Alerts

Fidalia offers customized network alerts on an outage. receive an alert letting you know of a downed internet line and get peace of mind that your backup is active.

Traffic Prioritization (QoS)

Prioritize your critical apps on a failover. Should you Failover to an LTE, you can prioritize important traffic such as Payment services or VoIP while you rate limit unimportant traffic such as casual internet browsing.

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The Future of the Network

Powering Cloud-Based Business Ecosystems

In the future of the network, businesses will increasingly rely on their digital infrastructures as the backbone of their operations. The shift towards cloud-based workflows, services, and data management will become the norm, shaping the way companies operate and innovate. A dependable internet connection will be paramount for the success of these activities, serving as the lifeblood of the modern business ecosystem.

Fidalia Hosted PBX

Businesses will leverage the cloud to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and harness the power of big data and analytics. With a robust network, companies will seamlessly access and exchange data, enabling real-time decision-making and efficient workflows. Moreover, the convergence of technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) will further deepen this reliance, as devices and sensors become integral to business processes.

The future of the network is one where agility, scalability, and security are paramount. As businesses continue to digitize, their network infrastructure must keep pace to support evolving needs. In this landscape, a stable and high-speed connection to the internet will be the linchpin of success, underpinning innovation, competitiveness, and growth across industries.

Fidalia provides Managed Networks Canada wide

Fidalia is the premier provider of SD-WAN, MPLS, and private network services in Canada, catering to businesses of all sizes. With our extensive expertise and advanced technologies, we deliver unparalleled connectivity, performance, and security. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, Fidalia is the best option for all your networking needs. We understand the unique requirements of businesses operating in Canada and tailor our services to ensure seamless connectivity, enhanced data privacy, and compliance with local regulations. With our reliable infrastructure, dedicated support, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Fidalia empowers businesses to excel in today’s digital landscape, making us the trusted choice for organizations seeking top-notch SD-WAN, MPLS, and private network solutions.

Servicing Canada


Is Backup Internet it available in my area?

Fidalia provides Backup Internet Canada Wide. 

What's the installation process?

Depending on your needs, you must subscribe to at least two diverse Internet links of any type (Fibre, Cable, DSL, LTE, 5G, Satelite) and an on-premise device that sits between your modems and your network. This device will act as your primary modem and can also offer Wifi if needed.

How does an IP address come into play?

Internet providers have different IP addresses for each Internet link they provide. Sometimes these IP addresses are dynamic. Our on-premise device is assigned a static IP address and sits between your Modemens and your network. This allows failover to other internet links to stay on the Same IP address. This is important for most session-persistent applications such as payment terminals, SFTP, SSH and VoIP. Each of these will drop if the IP address changes and in some cases you may need to reboot devices if IP addresses suddenly change. With our Same IP failover, you can ensure connectivity is always-up. 

How much downtime is there during the change?

None. The change is counted in Milliseconds with not enough time to drop enough packets to lose a connection.

What is QoS?

Quality of service (QoS) is the use of mechanisms or technologies that work on a network to control traffic and ensure the performance of critical applications with limited network capacity. It enables organizations to adjust their overall network traffic by prioritizing specific high-performance applications.

In a use case of Backup Internet,  you may failover from a 1Gig Fibre to a 15Mbps DSL on a busy network.  The sudden loss of bandwidth may not be enough to support a large office or busy public restaurant and the reason for the Backup line might be to ensure VoIP and Payment gateways stay online during an outage. To ensure your backup line keeps critical apps running, QoS rules are applied to allocate bandwidth to important applications and rate limit other applications such as Social Media. 

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VoIP runs better on Fidalia Business Internet. Fast, reliable service is only a click away.

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Tailored Solutions that Meet your Unique Needs.

A flexible ISP, Fidalia Networks offers custom communications solutions that empower your business growth - no matter what stage you're at today. The days of cookie-cutter communications are over. 

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With Fidalia Networks, there is no need for separate products or multiple service providers. We manage the network and the data centre which means dramatically reduced costs for your business.

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Fidalia's Team Offers Network Peace-of-Mind.

Our customers trust that their services are being monitored and maintained regularly by the team at Fidalia Networks. Whether it's a small, single-extension phone system, or a 700-workstation office, Fidalia has your back.

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