IT Risk Assessments

Fidalia Networks has partnered with WG Advisory Services to provide IT and Network Risk Assessments via the encasedIT™ DMM Platform.

encasedIT from WG Advisory and Fidalia Networks

Identifying Threats and Vulnerabilities

Effective IT risk assessments hinge on three key components: Asset Identification, which involves cataloging all IT assets; Threat Analysis, which identifies potential risks like malware and hacking; and Vulnerability Assessment, which evaluates system weaknesses.

Asset Identification


Detailed Threat Analysis


Vulnerability Assessment


Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management involves overseeing IT assets from acquisition to disposal. This comprehensive process ensures efficient utilization, maintenance, and eventual replacement or retirement, optimizing performance and extending asset longevity.

Impact and Likelihood Analysis

Impact and likelihood analysis assesses potential threats by evaluating their possible consequences and the probability of their occurrence. This process helps prioritize risks, allowing organizations to focus on mitigating the most significant threats effectively.

Impact Analysis


Risk Probability


IT Risk Controls


encasedIT™ Platform

encasedIT™ is a cutting-edge Data Maturity Management Software developed to help organizations more effectively manage their enterprise risk. Fidalia has partnered with WG Advisory Services to develop IT and Network risk modules to help organizations identify and mitigate their IT risks.

encasedIT IT Risk Management Platform

Benefits of encasedIT:

Automated Risk Identification
Data Maturity Scoring
Compliance Monitoring
Customizable Reporting

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  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Operations (COBIT/ITIL)
  • IT Skills (SFIA)
  • Cybersecurity Maturity (NIST)
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Maturity

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