A Holistic Approach to
Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity through a Network-First approach to DR

In-built Disaster Mitigation: Layer-2 networking with DDoS and Intrusion Detection to keep threats out.

Secure Data Protection: Safeguard your critical data against all forms of disasters.

Zero-Change Recovery: No need for users to change behaviors if disaster strikes.

Learn how our approach to DRaaS can benefit you and your customers.

Don’t panic ever again.

In today’s digital age, data loss and downtime can be catastrophic for any business.

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often complex, costly, and insufficiently pro-active and responsive.

Fidalia Networks offers a network-first approach to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that ensures your business stays operational, no matter what. Our solutions are designed to be both cost-effective and highly efficient, minimizing downtime and data loss.

Fidalia Network Disaster Recovery

Fidalia’s Disaster Recovery as a Service

Segregate DR and Production Traffic

Keep your existing network traffic flowing by leveraging dedicated connectivity for Disaster Recovery.

Cost Efficiency

Because we’re an ISP, you’re able to reduce your hosting and overall disaster recovery costs leveraging our redundant Data Centres.

Zero-Change Recovery

Keep users’ access to cloud and on-premise workloads and services with our Transparent LAN Service (TLS) feature.

Hosted Router

Utilizes advanced networking techniques to ensure faster recovery times.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Seamlessly integrates with public clouds for increased data backup and security.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team monitors your systems around the clock for any signs of disaster.

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What Businesses are saying about Fidalias Disaster Recovery as a Service

It was business as usual when we had a flood last spring. Our team was able to access workloads with no change management while servers were being restored.”

– Salman R., IT Manager

Thanks to Fidalia, we no longer fear data loss from cyber attacks because of the frequency of readiness tests and proactive monitoring.”

– Bobbi V., Municipal CIO

With the DDoS protection, we made quick changes to our network that kept our network safe from hackers.”

– Dental Office IT Manager

Keep your business protected with Fidalia Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Focus entirely on growing your business and be free from the worries of potential data disasters. With Fidalia Networks’ DRaaS, the future is now. Secure, reliable, and ready to support your business through anything.

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What sets Fidalia Networks' DRaaS apart from traditional DR solutions?

Fidalia Networks’ DRaaS differentiates from traditional DR by offering cloud-based recovery, advanced networking for faster recovery, automation and orchestration for efficient processes, 24/7 proactive monitoring, seamless scalability, and cost efficiency, making it more adaptable, reliable, and cost-effective.

How quickly can my business recover data with your service?

Recovery time with DRaaS depends on IT complexity, data volume, and recovery objectives (RTO and RPO), but advanced networking and cloud integration minimize it, often allowing recovery within hours, not days.

Is Fidalia Networks' solution scalable to my business size?

Yes, Fidalia Networks’ DRaaS is designed to be scalable, accommodating businesses of any size through cloud-based solutions and flexible service offerings.

How does the network-first approach enhance disaster recovery?

The network-based approach enhances disaster recovery by leveraging advanced networking techniques to ensure faster recovery times and minimal change management if disaster strikes. By protecting the network AND the data, we’re able to fend off threats before they get to your workloads, and we’re able to restore connectivity to your data faster and more efficiently.

What are the costs associated with your DRaaS?

DRaaS costs vary based on data volume, chosen recovery objectives (RTO and RPO), service level, and additional features. Pricing models typically include monthly subscriptions, which are more cost-effective compared to traditional DR, as they eliminate the need for physical backup sites and reduce capital expenditure.

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Tailored Solutions that Meet your Unique Needs.

A flexible ISP, Fidalia Networks offers custom communications solutions that empower your business growth - no matter what stage you're at today. The days of cookie-cutter communications are over. 

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With Fidalia Networks, there is no need for separate products or multiple service providers. We manage the network and the data centre which means dramatically reduced costs for your business.

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Fidalia's Team Offers Network Peace-of-Mind.

Our customers trust that their services are being monitored and maintained regularly by the team at Fidalia Networks. Whether it's a small, single-extension phone system, or a 700-workstation office, Fidalia has your back.

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